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Как изменились города мира за последние 100 лет.

Оригинал взят у cat_779 в Как изменились города мира за последние 100 лет.
Эти фотографии показывают, как изменились города ПО ВСЕЙ ПЛАНЕТЕ за последние 100 лет.
Некогда пустынные необжитые территории застраивались, заселялись после Великой катастрофы,
и постепенно превращались в цветущие благоустроенные города с развитой инфраструктурой.
Понятно, что такого стремительного рывка за 100 лет человечество не могло бы сделать,
если бы этих технологий бы не существовало раньше. Возрождение цивилизации могло случиться
только на основе технологий, которые уже были ДО Великой катастрофы.
На фотографиях видно, что уже в конце 19 века все города в мире застраивались по единому европейскому образцу, но заселеялись почему-то разными неизвестно откуда взявшимися народами.

Сеул, Южная Корея, в 1900 г и сейчас:

The city of Keijo, before it became Seoul - the city we know it to be today - in South Korea, seen here in an aerial photo taken circa 1900

The mountains in the background are still visible in Seoul 115 years later, the only recognisable landmark of a city which looks brand new

Токио в 1945 и сейчас:

A snapshot of Tokyo near-flattened by American bombing, which was carried out on the evening of March 9, 1945, during World War II

As we can see today, an astounding number of skyscrapers emerged from the rubble following the devastating attack

Шанхай, 1920 г и сейчас:

1920.Европейская архитектура, типичная для всего мира!

Boats on the Huangpu River in Shanghai, China, in a photo taken circa 1920

The skyline couldn't be more different now, with the arrival of several strikingly modern buildings such as the Oriental Pearl (left)

Сан-Франциско 1935 год и сейчас:

A view from over the Marina and the Presidio of the Golden Gate Bridge under construction in San Francisco, California, taken in 1935

Now a world-famous landmark, most San Franciscans have never known their city without the three-mile-long structure

Сингапур в 1900 г и сейчас:

Here's what the Singapore river looked like circa 1900, strewn with traditional boats and bordering three or four storey homes

Gone are the clusters of boats, replaced with bright lights and high-rise buildings making Singapore the buzzing metropolis it is now

Рио-де-Жанейро в 1930 и сейчас:

A view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taken from a Zeppelin plane in 1930, before the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue held everyone's gaze

Taken from the same angle an urban sprawl has built up around the beach front. Since 1931 the statue of Christ the Redeemer has appeared to the left of this skyline in Corcovado mountain

Сидней, в 1937 году и сейчас:

This was once the face of Sydney's Darling Harbour and Pyrmont Wharves, seen here in a photo taken on August 21, 1937

It now boasts the Sydney Harbour opera house (centre) in this snap taken last year from a helicopter by photographer James Morgan

Мельбурн, Австралия, в 1900 году и сейчас:

This photo portrays the railway yards and Flinders Street looking west at The Yarra in Melbourne, Australia, circa 1900

Melbourne City view overlooking Flinders St Station taken from the Sheraton Hotel in 2004 - a very different scene

Берлин в 1935 году и сейчас:

Berlin, in a photograph circa 1935, depicting the now-thriving Potsdamer Platz, Leipzig Platz, Vosstrasse and Winter Platz

Now it's awash with bright lights and has certainly gained some lofty buildings, but most of its structural layout remains true

Восточный Лондон в 1986 г и сейчас:

Before Canary Wharf was developed, this part of East London looked industrial and sparse - seen here in a photo from June 1986

Canary Wharf is now a major business district and today enjoys a status as one of the United Kingdom's two main financial centres

Афины-раньше и сейчас:

A view from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, showing the Royal Palace and overlooked by the mighty Mount Lycabettus - date unknown

It's now a densely populated city which almost seems intent on creeping up the mountain, but it's still recognisable from its old days

Гонконг в 1865 году и сейчас:

A panorama circa 1865 of the port of Hong Kong seen from on high in the public gardens

Things are looking a lot more colourful in the bustling city these days, as this picture taken in Victoria Harbour shows

Париж-после возведения Эйфелевой башни и сейчас:

The Eiffel Tower has dominated the skyline of Paris since it was errected in 1889, as seen from a hot air balloon - date unknown

Today, it is still the city's pinnacle, despite the cluster of high-rise buildings inching their way skywards in the foreground

Бангкок, в 1900 году и сейчас:

A view of the Royal Palace, which dominates the scene in Bangkok, Thailand, taken circa 1900

The spires of the palace can still be seen, but they are now dwarfed by their high-rise neighbours in this recent photo of Bangkok


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